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Every organisation and individual has a story, and I want to help tell yours.
I am an all-round creative who aims to showcase what you and your organisation stand for through design and visual media.
My mission is to create the visuals that tell your story best, together with you.

A-Z Websites

Every organisation, small or big, needs a website/shop. I help create, design and build your website. Together, we can brainstorm what your website needs, in terms of design, marketing and SEO, and then I’ll put it all together. I’ll also make sure it’s easy to manage and alter for you afterwards.

Branding & Design

It’s important to think about your brand. Not only what you sell (whether it’s a product, service or purpose), but about the image, feeling and vision you want to sent out. Together we can discuss your brand, which I can translate into design. I can create your complete brand, or work within your current brand to create brochures, flyers, powerpoint presentations, etc.

Photo & Video

A good story needs visualisation. This is in terms of design, but the best stories also have great photography and videos. I can create photos to accompany your story, whether this is a staged shoot for your website, professional portraits, or event photography. I also create short advert videos, and simple video-animations with animated text or graphics.

WordPress Websites

Beautiful Brochures

Fully Functioning Webshops

Custom made logos

Animated Videos

Hi, I am


I’m Zita, a graphic designer, photographer, all-round creative and activist currently living in the Netherlands. After studying Cultural Anthropology, I discovered the power of visual media to tell an impactful story. I’ve worked as Head of Marketing & Design for a charity called World Merit in the United Kingdom for 4 years. With a passion for storytelling, I want to collaborate with more organisations to tell their story. I want to help you to tell your story.


Let me help you tell your story.
And if you don’t know yet what your story is, we can build your story together.

Graphic Design0



Video + Animation0


Prices & Packages












 from €700 

Custom logo

Website (up to 4 pages)

Business Card Design


Extra pages: €50 per page

Letterhead: €50


 from €300

4 page brochure

OR double sided flyer


Extra pages: €20 per page

PowerPoint: from €50

Posters: from €50

Banners / Flags: from €50


 from €250* 

4 hour event highlights

OR portraits of 5 people

OR 1 staged shoot


Extra hour at event: €50 ph

Extra people (portrait): €50 pp

*Transportation costs from Haarlem and any lodging costs outside the Netherlands may apply.


 from €400 

Basic text animated advert video

1-2 minutes


Animated graphics: from €200

Video Shoot: from €200


These prices & packages are estimates, depending on your exact needs, we can determine a final quotation.

There are many design services I can do for you, please contact me to ask me what the prices are depending on what it is you exactly need.

Combined packs / jobs will always come out cheaper.



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