Merit360 2016-17

For Merit360 2016 and 2017, I created the before, during and after marketing material, including the event branding itself. These consisted of banners, flags, posters, and brochures like lookbooks, day-to-day-planning, etcetera.

As part of the program, 17 groups created a project. Within the span of 2 days, I created for, and with, them 17 simple logos for these projects that remained inside the World Merit brand, but showcased their individual projects relating the one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of my role within the program, being responsible for the all creative content was also part of it – meaning directing the video team, social media and making sure everything remains within the World Merit brand.


See the lookbook below.



December 13, 2017


Brochure Design, Event Branding, Logo & Branding