A complete re-branding of house style and website of a marketing bureau. As a starting point, we looked at the previous branding. The main color was dark grey, which gave the overall look a bit of a dark and depressive feeling. The logo was a circle with not much going on. The website was overall text and not much imagery.

They wanted to be a bit fresher, younger, hipper but still looking professional. We went for a shade of orange to feel fresh, combined with blue that shows professionalism. The logo had to visualise ‘vision and analyses’. We went for the concept of an eye, looking at the graph, but remaining bold and simple. On the website, we went for a bolder, younger and fresher look, incorporating more images but remaining focused on the content of the text.


Besides the renewal of the website, as a side-project, they wanted me to create their webshop for their Swedish shop The branding and logo was done, so I worked within those frameworks to create the shop.



December 10, 2017