Northern Power Women

Northern Power Women is an organisation celebrating female rolemodels in the North of England. The organisations holds an annual award event, and a “NPW Live”, where these rolemodels have a chance to inspire the audience. For both events, I created the brochures, flyers, powerpoints, banners, flags and other event branding.

Norther Power Women Awards
For the awards ceremony, I created a template brochure that can be used every year, with a basic introduction, some sponsors adverts and biographies of nominees. See brochure below.
I also created the banners (see above), a backdrop with all names of nominees (see above) and flags.



Northern Power Women LIVE
In 2017, the first edition of NPW Live happened. I was invited both as speaker (due to my trip to Lebanon visiting refugee camps) and to design the brochure and event branding.
They wanted something that showed connections, bringing people together, and the concept of time. I went for arrows coming together, creating both the hourglass and symbolising ‘things coming together’.



December 11, 2017


Brochure Design, Event Branding